Issue No. 236 | JANUARY 30, 2015



    Portugal Beckons
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    Asiya Bibi committed blasphemy. She planned her outrage in a calculated and cold blooded manner. She wanted to drink from the same water tap as the pious and devoted Muslim women, thus polluting the source of water.  This can only be cleansed and made fit for the consumption of the faithful, if she is executed in the prescribed manner; (the details of which are available in the Objectives Resolution). 

    Kurd guerrillas defeat ISIS to liberate Kobanî
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    One year ago, today, Kobanî declared itself as an autonomous canton. Today [January 27], after 135 days of fearless resistance, the people of Kobanî have liberated the city from the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). Since September 2014, the YPG and YPJ (People's and Women's Defence Units) have been leading...
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    Greece: SYRIZA’s win -- the numbers behind the victory
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    The victory of SYRIZA, Greece’s Coalition of the Radical Left, in the January 25, 2015, general election caused enormous outpouring of joy on the streets of Athens and confirmed general expectations.The final result was 36.49% and 149 seats.

    Political rhetoric and social change in Pakistan
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    It looks the long agitation that began from Lahore on August 14 last year has finally ended in Islamabad with a happy ending for its leader Imran Khan who recently got married and not-so-happy outcome for the other leader Tahirul Qadri who left the country to rest in his permanent home in Canada. 

    Impossible lessons
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    Far away from Peshawar five men and a woman sat in a physician’s waiting room in Lucknow. The television screen that ordinarily shows some Bollywood film or a cricket match had a news channel on. It was day after the slaughter of children. The assistant who maintains...

    8000-strong Dharna in Islamabad against privatization
    Over 8000 Workers from the All Pakistan Hydroeletric Workers Union staged a sit-in and rally in Islamabad on January 28 to protest the ongoing privatization of the energy sector in Pakistan. Workers from all the four provinces and regions of the country attended the rally.

    Charlie Hebdo – And now what? A Marxist viewpoint
    While it is too early to ascertain all the consequences of the events of recent days, we should nonetheless take stock of what has happened. We have experienced something historic. First and foremost because of the strength and size of the demonstrations that took place on the weekend of January 10th and January 11th. 
Viewpoint online decides to call it a day!

Dear Readers! It is with a heavy heart and teary eyes, we at the Viewpoint announce that this will be the last issue to be posted online. Economic constraints have rendered it impossible to continue Viewpoint in an efficient manner. For over five years, we tried that every Friday morning a quality text is posted online. Every week, we at least managed to post an issue in time. Let us thank all the volunteers---contributors, editors, proof-readers, cartoonists--- who made it possible every Friday morning. Above all, let us thank all the readers whose encouragement kept us going for five years. Unfortunately, a dedicated editorial team and an appreciative readership is not enough to run a socialist paper under capitalism. Hoping that phoenix of Viewpoint will rise anew from its online ashes, we won’t say goodbye to its readers!

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