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    British Kashmiris million march: politics and impact
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    This is the coverage by the Indian and Pakistan media of a large British Kashmiri rally in London a few days ago. The specific scene that triggered off the Pakistani and Indian established propaganda machines was unfolded half way into the rally when speeches were well underway.

    Haider: Reflections from the ‘other’ side
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    The posters of the recent Bollywood production, Haider, promote that the film is based on William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. But in reality the film presents a story of Kashmir from a side which had never been depicted, or better to say, never been allowed to do so, in the mainstream Indian cinemas.

    Benettonisation of politics: Shahbaz Sharif at Lakshmi Chowk
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    In her book ‘The Silent Takeover’, Noreena Hertz talks about Italian fashion company Benetton. It has run provocative advertising campaigns. For instance, in one case life-sized billboards in European cities showed a starving black baby – trying to draw attention to the question of hunger in Africa. 

    In defense of Malala’s ‘Leftist’ fans
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    On October 10, 2014, Malala Yousafzai became the second Pakistani towin a Nobel Prize. Amidst all the celebrations that unfolded on social media, there was the predictable response by some who chose those see this award as yet another way of humiliating our nation and portraying Pakistan in a negative light. 

    New summary of Marx on women's oppression
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    US socialist Heather Brown has performed a great service in this short, yet detailed survey of all of Karl Marx’s writings on women and gender ― including some that have never been published in any language. 

    Pockmarked Islamist Dawn
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    ‘The Wind From The Plain’, a trilogy by the master Turkish author Yashar Kemal, revolves around a character named Tashbash. Faced with famine, villagers begin to bestow a saintly status on Tashbash.

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